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Spicy in taste — fair in partnership

Wholesale distribution of spices, dehydrated herbs and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, ingredients. Deliveries of natural raw

materials to food industry enterprises in Russia and the Custom Union.

Black pepper — classics of the genre!

Red pepper — hot stuff!

Pimento — recipe spirit

Clove — delicate option

Cassia — aromatic sticks

Paprika — pungent flavor!

Laurel leaf — each housekeeper

Dehydrated herbs — fragrant use

Dehydrated vegetables — home-style

Dried apricot — is a fruit of health
Dried apricot keeps all necessary and useful potential which has fresh fruit. It is very useful for children and adults because of high content of calcium, ferrum, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, as well as minerals, pectin substances, organic acids and antioxidants.
PRUNES are wholesome table delicacies
Prunes are high caloric product with high content of carbohydrates and sugar. It is not only tasty meal, but curative also. It is one of the most nutrient rich and better-for-you dehydrated fruit.
HAZELNUTS — is a real nut
All the times hazelnut was considered as source of health and happiness. Its’ hale is due to very rich vitamin and mineral complex, high nutrition and energy value. 60% of oils, 16% of proteins, 18% of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and desaturated fatty acids are organic to this nut.
ALMONDS nut is the most popular nut
Almonds are used most widely in confectionary industry in comparison with other tree-nuts. It contains little of moisture, but is very rich with nutrient. Besides almonds are famous for absence of cholesterol and sodium, low content of sat fat and high content of vitamins and minerals.
DESICCATED COCONUT — Desiccated coconut is superbulous product from “the tree of life”.
Coconut is rich with vitamins, various macro and microelements, minerals which as a whole have exclusively positive effect. At that food energy value of desiccated coconut is considerably higher than of coconut itself and works out 593 kcal/100 g. Other coconut derivative is coconut milk powder. It is 100% natural GMO free product without any conservant and artificial flavor.
CASHEWS — exotic nut with a delicate flavor
It is notorious that cashews contain unique ingredients which are beneficial to heart performance and metabolic activity and fortify immune system. At the same time fat content in almonds is considerably less than in peanuts or almonds. Cashew stands out from all popular nuts with the lowest content of cellular tissue and the highest nutrition value. Cashews contain considerably more of starch, natural sugars and proteins than other nuts, as well as a lot of trace nutrients and vitamin E.
RAISINS are the most popular dried fruits
Raisins are among key dried fruits, indeed a grape hale multiplies several times after dehydration. Each raisin is a source of highly-valued, needful and very useful for your health materials.
PEANUTS — extraordinary combination of delicious taste and excellent food-value
First of all peanuts is a source of extra fine vegetable albumen and vitamin B complex. Through high gustatory quality and content of different vitamins, amino acids and mineral nutrient peanuts are very popular in food industry.

Our advantages

Contracts execution by unconditional compliance with Company’s obligations in respect of price, quantity,

quality and dates of delivery. This is chiefly important for rising market.

Made to order items delivery (by assortment and quantity).

Rare commodity items or by customer’s specification products deliveries.

Granting of flexible payment conditions for permanent clients.

Logistic schemes development towards optimization of clients’ overhead charges.